Evictions Final Notice

Issues in Community Planning: Evictions

With federal and state eviction moratoriums coming to an end, evictions are a central issue in community planning today. Find out what is being done to protect groups most at risk.

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A Just Transition for All of Us

"A just transition is 'an intentional shift toward a society in which the economy and the environment can thrive simultaneously, with social structures in place to make sure equity takes priority in the process as well as the outcome.'"

Three Cities: Moving Beyond the Barriers

Chicago has grown more segregated by income over time. We review here the racial and economic divisions that need to be acknowledged and addressed through serious investment of public and private resources.

General Iron Move to Southeast Side Triggers Racial Equity Concerns

Read our new post on the General Iron move to the Southeast Side. The move would disproportionately impact Latinos, single female mothers, children under 18, elderly residents over 65, and low-income residents.

Disparities in school funding and school discipline

Listen to Voorhees Center researcher Jessica Kursman discuss our recent research on geographic disparities in Chicago Public Schools investment on WGN Radio. OTL #615: Disparities in school funding and school discipline, A tribute…

Critics Say CPS Budget Promotes Inequality Across District

On Wednesday, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight highlighted findings from our report examining geographic disparities in CPS capital investments across the city.

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